Agricultural Drone Services

At SAS Land Services we have a background in agricultural contracting and have now embraced the future with the use of new technologies and cost saving practices.

We offer all types of drone related services but we specialise in agricultural crop mapping, crop analysis and insights as well as aerial spraying and spreading.

Using our multispectral drones we can map farmland and crops, we can see differences across crops in plant health and spot potential problems before they can be seen from the ground.

By using crop insights from drones it is possible to save on inputs such as fertiliser and chemicals by using variable rate applications.

Our services are available as a one off mapping or crop inspection or as an ongoing subscription providing regular flights over the crop and the latest insights into the health of the crop.

For more information or to see a demo of how it could work for you please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Aerial view of trees and fields
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Drone image of construction project

All types of data

No matter what type of data or imagery you are looking for we are sure there is a drone solution to meet your needs.

From aerial terrain mapping for digital surface or terrain models that show high and low spots across land areas through high quality images looking straight down or from the side right up to crop mapping and vegetation analysis, we have a solution to suit,

Our services

Drone services for agriculture

Multispectral drone mapping

Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles, have become increasingly popular in agriculture over the last few years. Farmers are using drones to monitor their crops, map their fields and gather data on soil condition, plant health and crop yields. With the help of cameras and sensors, drones can quickly identify areas of crops that are experiencing stress or disease, allowing farmers to act quickly and efficiently.


Drone services for construction

Drone image of construction project

Drones are great for construction. They help survey large sites quickly, inspect for safety, and identify pre- and post-construction issues. Construction professionals can use the aerial view to make informed decisions, and drones can create 3D models and maps for project management. Drones boost efficiency and safety while saving money and time.

Drone services for inspection

Drone image of a tiled roof

Drones are valuable for domestic and commercial inspection. They are mobile, easy to maneuver, and reach hard-to-reach areas. For domestic inspections, drones can examine roofing, chimneys, and gutters. Equipped with thermal imaging, they can detect insulation problems, energy loss, and leaks. In commercial inspections, drones inspect large structures, eliminating the need for scaffolding and climbing, and reducing hazards to workers. Inspection periods are reduced, saving money. Drones are an effective and popular inspection tool, revolutionizing the industry.

Hear from happy clients

“The images provided have really helped us plan our crop inputs and better manage our fields whilst saving time and money”

- Ben (one of our agricultural clients)

“What can i say, we were impressed to say the least at how quickly and easily the whole site was measured and different heights calculated, not only this but being able to see and track progress from the air gave us a perspective we’ve never had before”

- Clive (a recent construction project we helped out with)

“By being able to fly above our roof and not need scaffold or specialist access has saved us so much money and spotted the problem with our tiles straight away, money certainly well spent!”

- Samantha ( a domestic customer we helped locate a roof problem for)
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